New York Rehabilitation Facility Expands Patient Monitoring Capabilities with Vios Monitoring System


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New York Rehabilitation Facility Expands Patient Monitoring Capabilities with Vios Monitoring System

Murata Vios, Inc., and Garden Gate Health Care Facility deploy wireless, continuous vital signs monitoring platform to enhance patient care

Buffalo, New York – To enhance around-the-clock monitoring of post-acute cardiopulmonary residents, Murata Vios, Inc., partnered with New York’s Garden Gate Health Care Facility to deploy the Vios Monitoring System.

The Vios Monitoring System is a wireless, FDA-cleared patient monitoring platform designed to improve resident safety and outcomes. The system continuously monitors 7-lead ECG, heart rate, oxygen levels, pulse rate, respiratory rate and posture.

Garden Gate uses the platform’s remote monitoring services to support its staff as they work to manage medical care and reduce rehospitalizations. A remote team of cardiac-trained technicians monitors residents’ vital signs 24/7/365 and alerts the on-site care team in real time if there is a change in a resident’s condition.

“We’re pleased to be the first and only nursing facility in Western New York to offer this level of clinical sophistication with the Vios monitoring system,” stated Garden Gate’s Administrator Mark Dirlam. “This state-of-the-art equipment not only enhances our comprehensive rehabilitative services, but also provides peace of mind to our patients and their families.”

The Vios Monitoring System is designed to make post-acute continuous vital signs monitoring more accessible than traditional methods. It works on existing IT networks and Wi-Fi, rather than requiring separate infrastructure, and allows patients to be wirelessly monitored throughout a facility.

“Being able to quickly understand and react to changes in a resident’s condition is an essential part of patient safety and care,” said Drew Hardin, vice president of Murata Vios. “The Vios Monitoring System with remote monitoring services gives Garden Gate’s care teams a comprehensive view of their residents’ health, while eliminating the burden of monitoring oversight on their clinical staff. Residents and their families appreciate knowing that someone is vigilantly overseeing their well-being at all times.”

About Murata Vios, Inc.

Murata Vios, Inc., a subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is developing and commercializing a cost-effective solution to detect the early signs of clinical deterioration in traditionally unmonitored patient populations. The Vios Monitoring System (VMS) is a wireless, FDA-cleared, internet of things (IoT) patient monitoring solution designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Healthcare facilities can leverage their existing IT infrastructures and deploy the solution throughout their various care settings. Murata Vios, Inc. was formerly known as Vios Medical, Inc. prior to its acquisition by Murata Manufacturing in October 2017. Visit for more information.

About Garden Gate Healthcare Facility

The McGuire Group’s Garden Gate Health Care Facility provides 24-hour skilled nursing care, subacute rehabilitation, Journeys palliative care and respite/short-term care. The facility is continuously rated with five stars out of five by the federal government, which rates every nursing home in the country. Additionally, Garden Gate has finished in the top quintile of New York state’s Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) since its inception. The McGuire Group is the only multi-facility provider in the state to have achieved this milestone at all of its facilities for nine out of nine years. Learn more at