Bariatric Care

Our facilities are pleased to offer a medically-managed, multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss for individuals weighing up to 600 pounds.

Our team approach to weight management includes the development of individualized nutritional, therapeutic and clinical plans designed to meet your specific needs. This personalized level of care also includes the use of specialized equipment and therapy techniques to maximize your mobility and functional status.

In this program you will receive a broad range of dietary services under the direction of a Registered Dietitian. You will focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle and learning what types of foods to eat, portion control, preparation techniques, how to snack and how to successfully navigate dining out and holiday meals.

Upon discharge, you will transition seamlessly into your home environment, allowing you to continue to lose weight safely and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Services may vary by Facility.

Please check with our Admissions Coordinator at the Facility of your choice for more information.