Northgate Health Care Facility

Music Therapy

Nearly all of us can attest to the therapeutic nature of music, and research supports the validity of music therapy as it relates to the elderly. The McGuire Group facilities utilize music therapy to aid in the restoration, maintenance or improvement of an individual’s speech and language skills, as well as emotional, physical and cognitive functioning.

Our music therapy program is resident-focused, offering a comprehensive, customized plan of care that’s designed to fulfill the individual needs of each resident. Music therapists at The McGuire Group facilities utilize this beneficial form of therapy for enhancing the quality of life for our residents, their family members and even our staff.

Music Therapy Internship

The McGuire Group facilities are approved clinical training sites through the American Music Therapy Association.

Our 6-month internship program offers a truly unique opportunity and is among a select group of pre-approved programs in the WNY area. Individuals interested in taking part in this fulfilling opportunity can apply by clicking HERE.

The prospective intern, who must successfully complete his/her collegiate coursework to be considered, must submit an application and sit for an audition-interview to assess musical and interpersonal skills. Upon acceptance, the intern will work full-time for The McGuire Group’s WNY facilities following a stringent and dedicated commitment to growing and developing skills in the areas of dementia care, long-term care and palliative care/end-of-life. After successful completion of the internship, the individual will be eligible to sit for the music therapy national board-certification exam.

Services may vary by Facility.

Please check with our Admissions Coordinator at the Facility of your choice for more information.