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When it comes to your health, one can never be too prepared, especially when it involves admission to a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility.

Our professional Admissions team will be happy to speak with you regarding the services we offer and provide you with a tour of our facility. This will give you an opportunity to meet our caregivers and learn about the unique features we offer.

For tour requests and further information about admissions, please contact our Admissions Coordinator:

Jessica Kramer

Helpful tips to keep in mind when researching rehabilitation or skilled nursing facilities:

    • Research the facility’s outcomes in the Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI). This is an annual quality performance metric designed to improve care by evaluating various measures including staffing, survey results, compliance and more.
    • Check the facility’s star rating. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid rates more than 15,000 nursing facilities nation-wide on a five-star scale. You can find this information at The ratings are significant because they place quantifiable value on some of the most important aspects of care. Facilities with high star ratings demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of what it takes both clinically and operationally to achieve and maintain a superior level of quality within the organization.
    • If needed, find out whether the facility has specialized units for memory care, dialysis, hospice, cardiac care, wound care and more.
    • Inquire as to how many days and times physical and occupational therapies are available.
    • Check with your doctor to determine if the facility is a preferred provider with local hospitals and health care organizations.
    • Ask about the facility’s infection control survey from the Department of Health.
    • While touring, pay close attention to how you’re greeted by the staff, how they interact with the residents and each other, whether there are any odors, if pets and children are welcome in the building, if outdoor areas are neat and well-kept, and if there are plenty of areas for indoor socializing.
    • Be sure to determine if a facility is Medicare/Medicaid approved. Some facilities are private pay-only, which means when the funds run out, your loved one may have to be relocated to a different facility.


    • To determine if nursing home care is appropriate for your loved one, ask yourself the following:
      • Can my loved one accomplish daily tasks such as cooking, bathing and self-medicating?
      • Is my loved one requiring more care and services than I can provide?
      • Has there been an acute injury or illness that my loved one will not fully recover from?
      • Is my loved one showing signs of memory loss?
      • Is my loved one in danger by living alone?
      • Does my loved one require 24-hour care?

Finally, utilize subjective feelings to determine whether a facility is right for your loved one. The atmosphere throughout the building should be one of happiness, respect, dignity and above all else, quality of care.