Jordyn and Andrew Emmott

🌟👏 Congratulations to Jordyn and Andrew Emmott, our Residents’ Choice Employees of the Month for February at CTNRC! 🌟👏 As dedicated Registered Nurses, Jordyn and Andrew have consistently exemplified outstanding work ethic and a positive attitude, earning them this well-deserved recognition. We’re grateful to have them as part of our team, contributing to the exceptional care provided at our facility. Thank you, Jordyn and Andrew, for your legendary commitment and contributions! 🎉👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

Roslyn Tinkelman

🎉🎂 Join us in wishing a very special Happy 100th Birthday to our Living Legacy, Roslyn Tinkelman! 🥳🎈👏🙌 Your journey through life has been an inspiration to us all. Here’s to many more years of love, laughter, and cherished memories! 🎉🎂🥳

Darnell Funderburk

Congratulations to Darnell Funderburk who was named Harris Hill’s legend of the month. Darnell was nominated by family members and peers for being a team player and attending to the resident’s needs. Congratulations Darnell and thank you for all you do for the residents of Harris Hill!

Analisa Everingham

Lorraine McAlister, Administrator presents Analisa Everingham with her certificate and gift for February Employee of the Month.

Adrianne Perry

Employee of the Month “Adrianne works consistently, deliberately, and tirelessly to ensure that we have ample staff coverage. Not only is she a staffing coordinator, but Adrianne genuinely cares about each person: family member, resident, and employee who walks through our doors. She’s the epitome of what it means to be a living legend.”

Samantha and Michael

Samantha and Michael met while working at an assisted living facility. They quickly found out they had a lot in common and started dating. They’ve been together for seven years. Nine months ago, Michael proposed at the Park of Roses in Columbus, OH. They plan on “tying the knot” in July 2025. Both Samantha and Michael say it was “love at first sight.” Samantha says he is selfless and always thinking of others. Michael says she is full of kindness. We wish them good luck on their journey together.

Ken and Kerri

Kerri and Kenny met at Brookhaven Health Care Facility. He bought her coffee every day, and always added a “smiley face” to the lid of the cup. One day, when Kerri was helping a resident, Kenny handed her a piece of paper and said, “Here’s my number.” They started texting regularly and then made it official by dating. They’ve been together for over two years. When asked if it was “love at first sight,” both said a resounding “yes!” Kerri said he has an overwhelmingly positive integrity and he shows up for her consistently every day. Kenny says she is the most nurturing and caring woman in the world.

Tonya Nance

🌟 Congratulations to Tonya Nance for being named Employee of the Month at Garden Gate Health Care Facility! 🎉 Tonya’s dedication and hard work are truly appreciated by all. Thank you for your outstanding contributions to our team! 👏👩‍⚕️

Andrea and Matt Kurovics

Andrea and Matt have been married for three years. Matt was a caregiver to Andrea’s neighbor. One day, he knocked on her door to see if “all was well with his client’s niece.” Andrea admits it was not ‘love at first sight,’ but a spark did ignite.

Each brought one child to the relationship, and then they added a third. Matt proposed by getting on one knee in front of Andrea and their son and asking both of them if they wanted to marry him. Although they try their best not to go to bed angry, “a few times they let [their] anger get the best of them.” Andrea says Matt is the most loving, attentive man. He puts his heart and soul into his family. Matt says Andrea shows her love through all she does for the family. She is the glue that keeps them whole. They say communication is the secret to a happy marriage. Matt added that his wife is ALWAYS right. Andrea said she would marry him again. Matt laughed, saying, “I got tricked once; why not again.” 🙂

Marlene and Damon Buckley

Amanda was born in Kenmore, NY. She had 2 brothers Larry and David and a sister named Laura. She was very close to her siblings. She graduated from North Tonawanda High School. She then went to Niagara/Orleans BOCES. She took up Building Trade/Repair. She was one of the first women to accomplish this trade. She was a proud woman. She worked in a few different schools throughout her lifetime. In her spare time Amanda enjoyed watching wildlife, scrapbooking and playing games. She also loved the outdoors. She went camping several times at Darien Lake and loved nature. If Amanda could give the youth a piece of advice it would be: “Give life your best shot.”

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